Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair

Well, back to back days of visiting 2 of probably the most depressing places in all of southeast Asia: The Genocide Museum yesterday and The Killing Fields today. While I'm not known for being one of those New Age-y types, I will say that you really do get the creeps being in the museum, the Killing Fields, not so much, just a dusty field with some trees and holes in the ground. The ride today there and back on motorcycle taxi was the usual adventure, dusty streets, views of the rice paddies as you whip by. Yet again I had one of those moments where I want to just call out to someone, "Hey, you, oh my God, I'm actually in Cambodia! Can you believe it?"

You read on travel guides that riding on motorcycle taxis in Cambodia is dangerous, truth be told I've only seen 2 accidents. Not so much accidents as the aftermath which both times consisted of the riders getting up, brushing themselves off, picking up their bikes and riding off again. I'll say the worst part of riding them is the combination of your skin getting coated with vehicle exhaust which then allows a nice binding surface for all the dust to adhere to. By the time I got back to town my skin felt like a fine grade of sandpaper.

Well, while I'm on the topic of accidents, I guess I should fess up, I stopped by the barber today. Note to self, after telling the barber you want a number 1 on the clippers you should mention that is only for the sides. Unfortunately I kind of closed my eyes, drifted off and realized at some point he was working on the top of my head too. Not that I hate the result but I do look like a jarhead. Luckily it'll grow in some before I get home and as an added bonus I don't need to worry about hair products or frankly probably even shampoo.

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