Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I'm just at the point of my trip where if I could get on a plane and be sleeping in my own bed I would. I've been away for almost 2 1/2 months and I miss my friends, my cats, my family, my big comfy chair and our automated coffee maker.

Enough complaining, I'm in Cambodia and what a difference a one hour flight makes. Cambodia is world's apart from Thailand: dirty, dusty, garbage in the streets along with shoeless half naked children begging for money. Phnom Phen has this wild west feel to it, at any moment you expect saloon doors to swing open and a gunfight to break out. The people are ruder, the whole city has a grubby feel to it and the motorcycle taxi and tuk-tuk drivers are relentless in their sales pitches when you walk by. On the plus side English is widely spoken, which means unfortunately you can't fake not understanding people, the food choices are pretty overwhelming which is nice after Thai, Thai and more Thai and the prices are damn cheap.

To be honest there are only two main attractions worth seeing so today I was off to The National Museum which I have to admit was pretty amazing. Most of the exhibits are from Siem Reap and they have almost no security and everything is openly displayed. I of course ignored the "no cameras" rule and surreptitiously took few pics. What? Don't look at me like that, I'm a rebel, a rule breaker! OK, I saw some cool stuff and didn't want to buy the stupid souvenir pictures. I think my money is better spent on getting a massage at some point.

I'd post some pics but 3rd world also means 3rd rate internet service.


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  2. I see nothing much has changed in Cambodia since I was there 10 years ago...except the English thing. When I was there, the only European language anyone spoke was French. Luckily my hundred years of French in school allowed me to remember how to ask where the washroom was, and to say please and thank you.

    I deleted my previous comment because it was so typo-ridden it looked like it was written by a drunk person. Which it was NOT.