Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pretty fly for a white guy

There are moments when I'm out and about running errands when I look around and realize, "hey I am like the ONLY white person as far as the eye can see". I know you're thinking, well genius you are in Thailand, but in certain areas of the city, notably in the area surrounding Thapae Gate there are hoards of tourists. If you stayed in that area, which I think many tourists do, you wouldn't experience the actual city of Chiang Mai. It's the area where staff actually speak o.k. English, the signs are in both languages and you can actually get your latte at Starbucks and a Whopper at BK.

I stumbled across the local market earlier this week and went to stock up on the basics for the condo, you know, that dish you have by the front door for your keys and change, some vases that sort of thing. It was there I looked around and realized, damn I actually am in Thailand. I have 2 Thai friends here so far and they were both amazed that I found that market. They both exclaimed "farang never shop there, how did you find it?". Little do they realize I have a sixth sense for 2 things: the nearest Starbucks and a bargain. It's the kind of market that you can get 3 pairs of boxer shorts for 150bht, outfit a Buddhist alter for your house and get dried pig snouts.

Speaking of, not the pig snouts but the house. I finally got settled into my condo today. Sweet deal, furnished, 1 bedroom, 2 bath and a pool. It's nice to finally unpack, I have a limited tolerance for hotel living and I had officially hit my breaking point yesterday. It's nice to have a coffee table to put your feet up on, plates to eat off of and a microwave. Not that I'll actually be cooking, I'll do what everyone else does, get take out from the multitude of roadside restaurants that set up shop at 4 every day.

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  1. Post more pics of your place!

    Oh, and of the food! Food porn me, baby!