Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hot town, summer in the city....

If you've ever been to Toronto in the middle of summer with the hot stink, pollution and sweat beading on your forehead 30 seconds after you walk out the door then you've been to the training camp for your visit to Thailand. Seriously, the only benefit of the aircon blasting in the cab from the airport is it slows the trickle of sweat down the crack of your ass.

Landing I felt the same way I did when I got off the plane when I moved to Vancouver.....I can't say I get excited it's just a "Oh, I'm here now, it's about time". Some people, and I won't name any names, gently mock me for being a bit of an over preparer for my trip. All I can say is, thank God I do. Hitting the ground here I felt like I was in a familiar place, knew how to navigate my way through the insanity of the airport. Unlike the gaggle of girls in front of me at the taxi kiosk (1 of 2 lines you wait in for a cab). Out came their Lonely Planet guide books as they milled around being a general nuisance.

I started this post about about 12 hours ago, saved the draft and just rolled back in the door, now past midnight. Mission accomplished today, SIM card for my phone, it's half working, I can make calls and text but can't get the internet to work. I also had a lovely meal out with this cute Thai boy.....of course I have dates lined up, who out there thought I wouldn't?

Time to crash, my body doesn't even know what time it is but I feel like I've been awake for 3 days...

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