Sunday, September 20, 2009

How is it possible......

To actually sleep 12 out of the 14 hours you're on a plane? I'm convinced they slipped sedatives into the dinner they served at 4:00am. If you ever have the option ALWAYS pick Cathay over our national carrier. The level of service was outstanding. Plus all the flight attendants were attractive and charming, nothing like the hatchet faced battle axes I've experienced on another carrier **cough** Air Canada **cough**. As an added bonus you get complimentary socks, sleep masks, toothbrushes and they have 2 types of moisturizers in the washrooms.


  1. Les, I totally have sleep on plane envy. You are the person I envy on flights.

    Let the adventures begin - so glad you are blogging. I will actually read yours.

    xo Fi

  2. Hatchet faced battle axes.. having traveled by air canada many times, I can confirm that you couldnt have put it better.